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Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush


The best electric toothbrush of it’s time, the Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush is designed to clean teeth, remove plaque and kill bacteria to leave your teeth and gums looking and feeling healthy.  This is a one of a kind electric toothbrush that uses patented technology that will remove bacteria and loosen plaque, the secret behind this electric toothbrush is its ultrasound waveguide technology.  Once you use the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush and are use to the different feeling that you will have when brushing your teeth, we promise you that your teeth will feel and look cleaner than they ever have.

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The Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush uses patented technology to clean teeth and gums, has a programmable brush head replacement indicator to let you know when the head may not be as effective as it should.  It also comes with an ultrasound waveguide technology that has sonic bristles on its power tip to create bubbles upon contact, and a signal to notify you after every 30 seconds of brushing.

Auto shut-off timer to power down the brush after the recommended 2 minutes of brushing.o Ultrasound Toothbrush Features

  • Brushing interval signal – signals after 30 seconds for you to evenly clean all the four quadrants of the mouth equally.
  • An indicator that illuminates the word ‘REPLACE’ when it’s time to replace the brush head.
  • Battery charge indicator shows the level of charge on the brush.  The brush can be used for up to 28 brushes on a single charge.
  • Deep and faster cleaning for whiter teeth and improved gum health.

Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush Reviews

More than half of the 140+ user reviews on Amazon.com think that the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush is a perfect electric toothbrush rating it a perfect 5 stars out of 5.  The brush scores an average of 4.0 stars out of the possible 5.0 stars.  Here are some of the negative points reviewers noted about the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush.

  • The price of the unit is steep, and so are the replacement heads.
  • The brush head is a little too big.  Someone with a small mouth may have a problem using the brush since the mouth has to be closed for the ultrasound waveguide technology to work.
  • Cleaning the front teeth was challenging for a number of reviewers.

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Ultreo Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to positive points, many users had a lot to say in praise of the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush.  I will highlight just some of the most outstanding points here.

  • The Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush provides deep cleaning using the ultrasound waveguide technology and this provides cleaning to even those parts of the mouth the brush cannot access.
  • The bristles are soft and provide thorough cleaning of the teeth.
  • The toothbrush cleans fast and very well.
  • The brush is very reliable and good for long term investment.  The only thing you need to know is how to use it properly and proper care of the brush and the unit in general.
  • Unlike other brands of toothbrushes, the bristles of the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush does not rotate or oscillate but instead vibrate at ultrasonic speeds.  This ensures thorough microscopic cleaning of the teeth.

In a nutshell, the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush is great investment for someone who wants highly innovative and dependable toothbrush. We found Amazon.com to have the best prices on all electric toothbrushes including the Ultreo Ultrasound toothbrush. Click here to check it out.

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